Why You Should Add Fuel to the Fire

fuel to the fireImpressive results.
One of my clients told me yesterday that almost 1/3 of her organization’s revenue historically comes from planned gifts.  ONE THIRD! WOW! Impressive!

Now, think about this:
Only a tiny fraction of her organization’s budget is spent on planned gift marketing. What gives? Why wouldn’t they double down on such a sure bet? Why not add fuel to the fire?

Adding fuel is the easiest part.
To start a fire, first you need to spend time looking for sticks while being careful not to get lost in the woods while looking for them. Not always an easy task.
Next, you need to rub them together to get a spark. This usually takes a long time and requires a heck of a lot of effort. Tenacity, patience and persistence are key.
As soon as you see a spark and a bit of smoke you need to add oxygen fast!
Next you need to add some more sticks very carefully (leaving air between them) so the little flame doesn’t get extinguished. Yet another challenging task.
Finally, if you really want to get it going, you need to fan the flames and add more fuel to the fire. Right? If you do that, the fire will grow fast with little effort compared to the effort required to find the wood and get the flame going in the first place.

My recommendation to you.
Add fuel to the fire. Increase your budget. Do it today!


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8 years ago

I loved your analogy of adding fuel to fire! Thank you!

8 years ago

Thank you Shamim.

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