What do you really think about DONOR SCORING?

Here are some types of donor scores I’ve seen:

  • Wealth scores
  • Capacity scores
  • Legacy gift likelihood scores
  • Major gift likelihood scores
  • Annual gift likelihood scores
  • Etc.

And, here’s what I’ve read about what the scores are supposed to provide: 

  • A ranking of a prospect’s ability and propensity to make annual fund, major and legacy donations
  • A confidence level that the wealth and philanthropy information is correctly matched to a prospect
  • Etc.

Even MarketSmart has scores.

Yep! We’ve been working on our algorithm for years.

But are any of these scores valuable?

I’m not sure. So I hope you’ll help me ‘take the pulse of the sector’ by completing this quick, 2-minute survey. If you do, I’ll send you the results.


TO TAKE THE SURVEY, JUST GO TO: www.imarketsmart.com/scoringsurvey


Also, please feel free to share the link and/or this tile on social media. Thank you!!

donor scoring survey


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