Two steps to make the best of donor-advised funds

giving away1. Uncover who among your supporters has a donor advised fund. Just ask them the very simple question: Do you have a donor advised fund?
2. Cultivate relationships with your supporters who have DAFs. Do the following:

  • Highlight the fact that they told you they have one. Show ’em that you know ’em.
  • Give them information that will inspire them to give more.
  • Point out how convenient DAF giving can be.
  • Use the DAF widget on all of your web pages in addition to a DONATE NOW button (this is a great clickable button for your donors available here).
  • Show your supporters how they can schedule their giving from their DAF.
  • Let them know that they can donate their appreciated stock to a DAF. That way they can separate the process of getting the tax advantage from the act of making the charitable donation. Many people will want to do this so they can give when they feel that the time is right. Remember, it’s about them… not you. Your supporters will appreciate having this kind of convenience, choice and control.

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