The golden rule and your organization's fundraising.

About the golden rule….
He or she who has the gold…. rules!
Face it, everyone serves someone else.  And, in business and fundraising, service is usually delivered to the person with money.
Unless you live under a dictator, this is the order of things.  This truth simply cannot be altered or rearranged.
Restaurant workers serve hungry customers with fat wallets.
Clothing stores serve restaurant workers with fat wallets.
Wholesale distributors serve clothing stores.
Clothing manufacturers serve wholesalers, clothing stores and restaurant workers.
And so on and so forth.
Even the President of the United States reports to the voters and sometimes Congress.
Sure, your organization might deliver clean water to starving children but without any funding… you don’t!
In the end, if you are wondering who you serve… follow the golden rule.
He or she who has the gold… rules!

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