Test with email first

I think it’s time we finally let go of direct mail as the first option for planned giving marketing— especially if your budget is tight.   Then, if you have the budget… go ahead and use direct mail.
But, you might say that you’ll miss all the older supporters, right? Wrong. Here are some results from a recent campaign that might interest you.
Age, responses and percentage of responses that came from that age group
90+   8 responses   (.45% of responses)
80-89   77 responses   (3.8% of responses)
70-79   426 responses   (21% of responses)
60-69   619 responses   (31% of responses)
50-59   376 responses   (18.7% of responses)
40-49   253 responses   (12.6% of responses)
30-39   157 responses   (7.8% of responses)
Other   92 responses   (4.6% of responses)
And here are some numbers I just received from a real prospective client. Considering the cost savings, isn’t it time to test with email first?
Traditional newsletter lead generation campaign: Using a list that was compiled after a vendor scrubbed it to pull the names that should be targeted for planned giving marketing  (the cost of the predictive analytics was not disclosed)
Copy/Design- $1,450
Print/mail services- $24,630
Postage- $10,200
TOTAL = $36,280 + predictive analytics cost
Email and landing page lead generation campaign:
Strategy/Copy/Design/HTML Code, Test and blast
TOTAL = $8,500
What do you think?

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