A Terrific Example of an Online “Engagement Fundraising” Effort for Planned Giving

Last week I spoke at an Institute of Fundraising event (London) about my favorite topic: “Engagement Fundraising.” Shortly after, my new friend from across the pond, Christine Punter, Legacy Promotions Manager for an organization that seeks to end cruelty to children, told me about her bubbles.
Now before you get any funny ideas check the website screenshot below to see what I mean.
On the Site, you can create a bubble to share your thoughts and inspire others to think about protecting vulnerable children. The concept was developed to help supporters engage with the organization in a way that inspires them to consider a gift in their will.
You can create bubbles and let them go in the park (virtually of course) and you can ask your friends to create bubbles too. You can download a free guide and you can learn more about the organization’s mission.
I think they could add a way to opt-in for more engagement with an order form or subscription form. But otherwise, this is a home run.  Or as they say in London “a sixer” (for cricket). Either way, this is a terrific example of online “engagement fundraising” for planned giving.


Engagement Fundraising in London

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10 years ago

Ha! You made me giggle because we have a lot of “language nazis” over hear at my firm.
Just don’t forget that the point of the post was that they worked to engage their donors by giving them an opportunity to create a bubble. They also made it easy for folks to share the experience with others so they could have a turn. Engagement fundraising: That’s good stuff!

Scott Quinn
Scott Quinn
10 years ago

It’s good, but, ugh: “every child has the opportunity to fulfill THEIR potential”. I’m not a language Nazi, but that sentence just rubs me the wrong way. Write “every child has the opportunity to fulfill his potential” or, if you just can’t stand to use standard English, or are too afraid of the PC police, write “children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential”. I’d actually rewrite the sentence to something like “every child has the opportunity to chase after his dreams”. Children chase, they don’t think about what’s potential. OK, I am sounding like a language Nazi so I’ll stop.

Scott Park
Scott Park
10 years ago

I saw what you did there, Greg.

Derek Floyd
Derek Floyd
9 years ago

Actually, proper US grammar would appear as: “Every child has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential.”
That aside, this is a beautiful site and campaign. Thank you for sharing.

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