Are you a show up and throw up fundraiser?

I’m sure you’ve run into a bunch of “show up and throw up sales people” in your lifetime.
“Show up and throw up selling” is often chastised in the private sector. That’s when a salesperson promotes themselves and their company or spews meaningless information, stats, and figures. They talk a lot and say very little. They tell stories that make them feel good. Their focus is all wrong. It’s upside-down, inside-out and backwards.
Here’s how to tell if you are guilty of being a show up and throw up fundraiser:
-Do you talk about 10-25% of the time you are with your supporters?
-Do you ask questions?
-Are you truly, sincerely interested in the answers to your questions?
-Do you seek alignment between your supporters’ individual missions and your organization’s?
Show up and throw up fundraising If you answered “Yes” to each of these questions, congratulations. You are NOT a show up and throw up fundraiser.
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