REVEALED: Jerry Panas' secrets of attracting wealthy supporters

In January, Inside Philanthropy interviewed legendary fundraiser Jerold Panas to discover his secrets of attracting wealthy supporters.
Here’s his list:

  1. It isn’t about your organization or its needs. Rather, it’s about the donor and their needs.
  2. Go big or go home because big projects tap into donors’ dreams.
  3. Go in person to get the most generous contributions.
  4. Avoid dining with donors in restaurants; they make it hard for you to focus on them.
  5. The more the merrier. Bring two, three, four or more to meetings with donors as long as they have something to add.
  6. Believe in the cause and yourself. If you don’t people will sense it.
  7. Remember to ask. You don’t get when you don’t ask.
  8. Focus on building a solid board and staff. They reflect your organization’s future and destiny.
  9. Select meaningful, relevant recognition. Acknowledgement satisfies needs only when it’s done right.

You can read the entire article with more details here.

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