Religious giving on the decline.

My new friend, Terri Preskar found this interesting tidbit and passed it on to me so I thought I’d share it.

In J. Clif Christopher’s book, “Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate,” he cites Giving USA 2007 when giving to religion amounted to 32.8 percent of all charitable giving in 2006. “This was by far the largest category for charitable contributions, beating education, which got 13.9 percent. On the surface this looks like very good news for those of us in the church business. But there is a problem. Our piece of the pie is shrinking at an alarming rate. In 1985, religion received 53 percent of all charitable contributions. Through the 1990s religion received around 40-45 percent.  By 2000 the percent had dropped below 40 percent and it continues to fall.”

If you work for a religious organization, are you doing all you can to ensure your mission?  Do you have a plan?

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