Real handwriting generates 14% response rate. Wow!

How many times have you received direct mail with your name on it?  How many times has the letter had a signature at the bottom?
How many times did you feel it was “fake”!
Tons right?  Yeah.  Me too.
We all know that it’s easy for marketers to personalize letters.  And the signature is always printed (impersonally).  We know it’s not a real signature.
But we found a smart way to use real handwriting in an effort that generated an unprecedented 14% response rate.
direct mailer for marketing
There’s this guy in the next town over who created a machine that actually uses a pen to write the addresses, entire letters, and signatures on your mail pieces.  You can choose among different styles of handwriting that have been programmed into the machine using different “real people’s” handwriting.
It’s a bit slow and adds some cost to your effort.  But it’s just soooo neat.  And the results are just sooo awesome.  So the ROI is totally worth it!

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