Your supporters want a polyamorous relationship with you and your organization

POLYAMOROUS RELATIONSHIPSPolyamorous relationships are non-exclusive.

Therefore, your supporters will cheat on you. They will cozy up to other organizations (your competitors). They will come and go when they want to.
Sometimes they’ll get more engaged and involved. Other times they’ll withdraw or detach.
At some point they might even make a plan to leave your organization in their will. And, later, they might change that plan by replacing your organization with another.
Your supporters will control the relationship. Yep! And it will be polyamorous.
So why am I telling you this?
Because they will still want your adoration. They will still want your respect. And, they will still want your loyalty.
They will stick with your organization only if they trust you, believe in your mission, and feel loved.
The question is: Are you building their trust? Are you developing their belief in your mission? And are you giving them love?

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Emily Capelle, M.A., LLC
Emily Capelle, M.A., LLC
8 years ago

So true, doesn’t everyone want it their way? Its so important to do the follow-up with donors and treat them well, like you want to be treated as a donor! A regular phone call or some other “touch” can make all the difference in how they feel about your organization and changing their mind about supporting you. Its how you make them feel and do you show your appreciation that can tip the scales, and in a genuine way, not as a “oh my gosh i’ve got to call him or her again” chore.

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