Innovative possibilities are right in front of your face.

Most of the time innovation is possible simply by taking what has already been created and mixing it up a bit.

Let’s play the game.

Mastercard– credit card payment


Paypal– allows payments to be made on the internet


Starbucks– uses a scanner to debit your prepaid card


iPhone– connects all the above

Starbucks often has long lines.  If they could move people through the stores faster, they could sell more coffee.  So Adam Brotman (Chief Digital Officer, Starbucks) created an app that serves as a virtual Starbucks card.  By doing so, he connected all of the above and 42 million mobile payments were made in March, 2012 alone (and that number keeps growing every week).

Now the lines move faster, customers are happier, and Starbucks’ profits are larger.

What’s right in front of your face that could create value for your customers, clients or donors with just one more ingredient?

Marketing innovation
Marketing innovation
Marketing innovation

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