Fundraising metrics: you have to see them to believe them

I always hated when my staff sent me an Excel file showing our astounding growth.
You might be thinking, “Why would you hate getting an Excel file that reflects astounding growth?” But the reason is that numbers in little rectangles in Excel don’t excite me. I like charts!
I did something about it.
So about 18 months ago I figured fundraisers probably felt the same way and I started developing a neat new tool to help folks ‘visualize’ their analytics.
The result: The Fundraising Report Card
And now, thousands of organizations are using it to analyze BILLIONS of dollars in transactions. Many are using their dashboards in board meetings. And we’re hearing that others are presenting their screens at conferences.
If you haven’t checked it out yet, there’s a quick little video here.
It’s FREE!!!
Oh, and did I mention I made it free for nonprofits? Well, it is.
There’s a paid version too. But I didn’t want smaller nonprofits with tiny budgets to miss out.
Synced with CRM?
So far, the system syncs with Little Green Light CRM, Neon CRM, Kindful CRM, Etapestry CRM, and Araize CRM. Quickbooks and Salesforce are syncing soon. If your CRM is not on this list, email them and tell them to get in touch with us.
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