Engagement Fundraising in 7 simple bullet-points

  • Focus- Focus your marketing (especially your expensive marketing like face-to-face meetings) on people who have a lot of money
  • Generate leads- Generate highly-qualified leads among people who have a lot of money using a survey
  • Prioritize- Prioritize the leads (hot, warm, cool, cold, and opt-out)
  • Arrange calls and visits- Reach out to meet with the hot (and some warm) leads
  • Cultivate- Cultivate the rest of the leads over time with highly personalized, relevant engagement offers that reflect their interests and make them feel good (based on what they said in the survey)
  • Mix up the soup bowl- Continue engaging politely, consistently, and persistently while always offering your leads opportunities to move forward in the consideration process or opt-out
  • Build relationships with hi-value supporters at low cost- Leverage technology as an inexpensive way to build the relationship


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