Complacency is a prelude to disaster

I know, change is hard.
But I think too many people are afraid of change and disruption when they really should be afraid of being afraid. After all, the only thing we can truly depend upon is change. So why not embrace it?
Or, why not take it one step further?
Here’s what I mean. Over 10 years ago, when I sold direct marketing services and printing to nonprofits in the DC region, I made a huge sign and put it above my cubicle’s desk to ensure that I’d read it each morning. In bold black letters it simply read:
Complacency Is A Prelude To Disaster!”
Having it above my desk consistently reminded me to fear a false sense of security, always look over my shoulder, and never rest on my laurels.
I think too many people are afraid of fear.
When fear is viewed as a negative, it paralyzes you. But when it’s viewed as a positive, it inspires creative thinking that leads to innovation and myriad opportunities.
Stop being afraid. Embrace change. Leverage disruptive technologies.
Find out what I’m talking about (how you can change your organization for the better) by getting a demo. We don’t have traditional salespeople. We never pressure anyone. Our demos are purely educational and you can leave the conversation at any time.
Or, if you want to ‘lurk and learn’ anonymously, you can do that too, just go here to sign up.
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5 years ago

Quick question: Does your product work with Raiser’s Edge?

5 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Absolutely! Yes!

Jesse Lane
5 years ago

Great quote Greg! Today I’m being interviewed for a podcast to talk about how nonprofits can foster a culture of innovation. Mind if I quote you??

5 years ago
Reply to  Jesse Lane

Of course. Quote me all you like! And, THANK YOU!!

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