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How You’ll Grow

Look, Ma, no hierarchies


How You Can Grow Here

Most companies have hierarchies: pyramids in which only a small number of people can fit at the top. And what happens in hierarchies? Back stabbing. Politics. General ickiness.

At MarketSmart, we’ve turned the pyramid upside down. Our growth structure is anything but icky. In fact, your potential is wide open from Day One.

Let’s say you start as a college intern. You finish school (congrats!) and you come back to MarketSmart as, say, a Front-End Production Solutionist (Jr. Developer… by the way, we’re not big on titles here). Over time you welcome the opportunity to take on more responsibilities. Poof! Now you’re a Developer/Programmer. Soon thereafter, you choose to become a team leader. Now you’re coaching the future generation of MarketSmart leaders, motivating and inspiring via personal successes and failures, earned industry expertise and a proven enthusiasm for the MarketSmart vision.

Does every MarketSmart leader start as an intern? Of course not! Your current qualifications can land you an Account Manager or Business Development or other position from the get-go. But this exercise illuminates the beauty of we have reengineered an age-old business operating system— the hierarchy.

Here at MarketSmart, it’s all about setting goals in line with our mission and values, achieving them, and growing so everyone benefits.

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