Employee Perks

Sometimes little things mean a lot

Bagel Fridays

Fridays are even more fun at MarketSmart because who doesn’t like hot bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit and other snacks – all on the house!

Retirement Savings and Profit Sharing

You can participate in our 401(k) plan. Plus we have Profit Sharing with MarketSmart adding 3% of your salary each year to your savings* and an additional discretionary percentage based on company performance. We also offer loans through our 401(k) program.*Please review your employee handbook for complete details.

Profound Impact

MarketSmart works with nonprofits near and far, small and large. At MarketSmart you feel good knowing your work has a significant effect on these organizations.

Coffee and Snacks

Nothing keeps people perky like really great coffee and fun snacks. So, our CEO invested in an amazing machine that grinds and presses coffee for that fresh, better-than-Starbucks taste. Plus he loads up the joint with tons of healthy and not-so-healthy treats.

Health Insurance

You get lots of options and, if you work full-time, we pay 50% of your premium for health, dental and/or vision. Plus, we deposit a nice batch of cash each month into your personal Health Savings Plan as a perk. That way, you’ll always have money to spend as you wish* (for instance, on deductibles or the remaining 50% of the premiums).*Please review your employee handbook for complete details.

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