How We Work


Teams, Roles & Purpose

MarketSmart teams are fluid and often form organically depending on the situation and timing of particular needs. So just because you were on a team for one project doesn’t mean you’ll be on the same team for another.


What makes this beautiful? Every hire, every purchase, every investment, every decision we make is based on purpose, not politics. We ask ourselves, “Why?” a lot. By doing so, decisions are made that help our clients, our company, our teams, and our individuals achieve meaningful goals that support our mission.

What Do MarketSmart Teams Do?

• Manage themselves according to self-assigned, mission-aligned roles
• Set goals for themselves and their teams
• Monitor their own achievements and challenges
• Use mastermind exercises to solve problems
• Maintain a team atmosphere
• Employ peer reviews to unearth issues


In fancy-talk, a holacracy is a distributed authority system that bakes empowerment into the core of the organization. In layman’s terms, this is a departure from conventional top-down structures. We don’t rely on parental bosses or heroic leaders. Instead, you’re a leader in your own role and a follower of others’ roles. No one gets a fancy office. No one is a “boss” (except for the CEO and the mission). You govern yourself and you climb your own ropes, all in accordance to how your decisions affect our core purpose. Together, we will realize our mission if we:

• Stay true to our core values
• Maintain a sense of purpose
• Deliver value
• Help others get what they want
• Exhibit honesty, integrity, passion and character

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