Engagement Fundraising

Engagement Fundraising

The new concept in town

Explain this: Nonprofits tend to focus on events, direct mail and email (usually spam) to acquire new, low-level donors. But why, when most of the easy money comes from major gifts and bequests?

2015 fundraising stats

Out of $373.3 billion given to charity in 2015: 80% came from individuals (8.5% of that from bequests and 71% from living people) Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Enter Engagement Fundraising

The more that nonprofits involve people in their mission (engage) and the more often that they provide supporters with valuable experiences, the more likely that those people will make major gifts (including planned gifts to be delivered after their lifetime).

Even better: today’s technology helps us engage with supporters and provide value for them online at reduced costs. For the donors, it’s more accessible and more convenient. For our clients (and here’s the kicker) it’s trackable.

Engagement fundraising technologies and strategies harness the power of the Internet to benefit our clients, their supporters and us.

Why track online engagement?

    • Learn donor interests and passions


    • Capture “verbatims” (disclosed wants, needs, demographics, etc. from surveys or monitored clicks online)


  • Be more efficient and effective—focus on the 14.8% of living donors who deliver 63.1% of the money!
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