What Do Baby Boomers, Childlessness and Planned Gifts Have in Common?

What do baby boomers have in common with planned giving marketing
The answer:  A ton of potential revenue for your organization!
My pal Jonathan Gudema has a terrific blog. You should subscribe! Recently he discussed some of my other pal’s findings (Dr. Russell James) from recent research.  Here’s the basic gist of Jonathan’s post and Russell’s findings:
1. Baby boomers are getting older and the so-called “transfer wealth” is approaching very soon.
2. Childlessness increased among members of the baby boomer generation.
What does this mean?  Planned gifts will be heading to charities.  Will you get your share?  That depends on how much time, money and effort you invest in planned gift marketing.
Take a look at his post here: https://plannedgivingadvisors.com/2014/03/05/planned-giving-fortune-telling-rates-of-childlessness/
Also, you can see where he got his data by viewing this webinar or downloading the brief eBook synopsis.

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