Are you playing games with your supporters?

Sadly some fundraisers think they’re playing a game.

But if only one participant is playing, what’s the other one doing? Being played!

At its core, fundraising is not about games. It’s about service.

So step outside of yourself and your organization.

Feel what it’s like to be a donor. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about what they need (and deserve).

These are real people, not donor IDs.

Ask not, “What can we GET FROM our supporters?” Ask instead, “What can we DO FOR them?”

Challenge your team and your leadership to think about how your organization can help your most qualified and prioritized supporters (based on passion and capacity to give) realize the best versions of themselves. How can you make them feel like the heroes in their own life stories? How can you make them feel good?

Stop treating fundraising like a game.

Your supporters aren’t stupid. They’ll sniff it out and feel disrespected. Then they’ll stop giving to your organization and, instead, give to your competitor’s.


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2 responses to “Are you playing games with your supporters?”

  1. Elly says:

    Excellent advice….not only for our work in fundraising but in life.

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