22 Things Unhappy Fundraisers Do

unhappy fundraisersYou simply can’t raise more money if you are unhappy. A friend recently sent me this list of what unhappy people do.  So I thought I’d share it so you can make sure to avoid these pitfalls. 


1.Chronic complaining – venting is ok sometimes, chronic complaining isn’t
2.Pacification through purchase – enriching your life can’t happen simply by buying things
3.Binge drinking – leads to a wasted “day after,” poor eating decisions and lack of exercise
4.Worrying about the future – you can’t worry too much about what you can’t control
5.Waiting for the future – there’s never a good reason to put off finding ways to be happy
6.Lack of hobbies – your job, house cleaning and watching TV are not hobbies
7.Poor diet – makes you feel lethargic, guilty, depressed and just plain fat
8.Smearing others – talking poorly about others and gossiping is only a way to mask your own insecurities
9.Holding grudges – it’s like carrying a backpack filled with rocks and eventually your back will truly feel the pain
10.Becoming complacent – if you stop learning and doing, you start dying
11.Not following through – taking the first step is always the hardest… just do it! No excuses!
12.Hating your job – most people work to survive and end up hating their job 1,920 hours per year
13.Making yourself lonely – social stimulation requires effort from “putting yourself out there”
14.Allowing negative thoughts to enter your mind – be conscious of negative thoughts that sit and fester
15.Jumping to conclusions – if you automatically predict that things will turn out poorly, they probably will
16.Magnifying problems – blow small things out of proportion and you’ll make a big deal out of nothing
17.Minimizing problems – sweeping problems under the rug will only work for so long
18.Self-labeling – believe in yourself because, if you don’t, no one else will
19.Worrying about what others will think – your true friends will always be there (after all, it’s between you and God)
20.Letting strangers affect your mood – if someone is mean to you, don’t reflect that… instead just smile
21.Always wanting more money – you will never actually have enough and it will never make you happy
22.Avoiding setting goals – success is the pursuit of worthy goals… you know that!

Are there any other things unhappy fundraisers do? Or do you have a great way to stay happy? Sound off in the comments!

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