16 Content Ideas Your Major and Planned Gift Donors Will Love

    1. Infographics
    2. Short, “self-contained” emails (with no hyperlinks) that include very brief updates
    3. Short letters or online articles (2-3 paragraphs)
    4. Highly relevant and targeted medium length YouTube videos. Aim for 2 – 10 minutes (Subscribe to our YouTube channel)
    5. Brief emails with links to other articles (i.e. – “I thought you might like this…”)
    6. An annual report delivered via mail or email
    7. Highly relevant and targeted long-form articles (more than a page)
    8. Highly relevant and targeted longer YouTube videos (more than 10 minutes)
    9. Podcasts
    10. Quizzes
    11. Simple games
    12. Calculators (Have you used our bequest calculator?)
    13. Maps (e.g.- “Here’s a map detailing all the areas where illegal dumping has occurred…”)
    14. Ways to advocate or contact a political figure
    15. Sharing tools and widgets
    16. A blog post sharing a story about the impact your cause is having on someone’s life


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One response to “16 Content Ideas Your Major and Planned Gift Donors Will Love”

  1. Chief Lewindia Nicholas says:

    Can the 16 content ideas be elaborated?

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