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Do you really need to buy a planned giving website?

In most cases, for most nonprofits… NO! You don’t need to buy a planned giving website. Here’s why:  For decades, nonprofit leaders and staff have… Read More

5 questions to ask your planned giving marketing vendor

1. How many highly qualified planned giving leads did you generate for my nonprofit last year? 2. How many of those leads could also be… Read More

A list of some humongous bequests that should get your planned giving team psyched up for only 3 seconds!

I give you permission to read this list but only if you’ll count to three afterward. Let it sink in.  Then DELETE IT!  Forget about… Read More

Proof that planned gifts increase annual giving revenue

We really need to thank our lucky stars for Dr. Russell James!   He painstakingly reviewed 20+ years worth of data from a federally funded,… Read More

Why it's time for reinvention

Something is happening all over the world. Entire systems are being reinvented. Uber is reinventing passenger transportation. Netflix is reinventing television shows and movie rentals. Dare… Read More

8 posts that will help you develop a solid planned gift marketing strategy

Here’s a sort of “Greatest Hits” list. Each post containing outstanding tips that will help you develop a solid planned gift marketing strategy. Read these… Read More

15 telephone call don'ts for major and legacy gift fundraisers

Two days ago I outlined my “do’s“. Today, here are my “don’t’s”. Both can be found here on this cheat-sheet. 15 Don’ts Be disingenuous. For… Read More

The 3 types of planned giving prospects

1. Disclosers – For these folks (breaking into two basic categories) you need to remember that, unless their gift is irrevocable, they are still prospects. “YES, LET’S… Read More

People won’t give til’ it hurts?

Sometimes I feel like I should make a list of all the silly things I hear fundraisers say. Here’s one I heard recently that just… Read More

Building Awareness for Planned Giving is Easier and Less Expensive Than Ever

Promoting planned giving doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have traffic on your website, you have a chance to promote planned giving for pennies… Read More

Some thoughts about planned giving marketing newsletters.

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to newsletters for planned giving marketing. A personalized, relevant planned giving newsletter First, can we agree that… Read More

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