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It's about questions, not presentations

Have you ever found yourself spending hours or even days developing presentations for major donor visits? I think most of us have gotten caught up in… Read More

Are you hunting mice or antelopes? [Guest post from T.J. McGovern]

The following is a guest post thanks to my friend T.J. McGovern, Owner/Principal at McGovern Consulting Group (McG). Here is a teaching story I usually share… Read More

4 powerful major gift "probing closes" (for moving your proposal forward)

A probing close is yet another phrase I made up. I do that… a lot. Basically, it’s a question you ask when you feel your… Read More

Start Putting These Fundraising Words Everywhere Right Now

The words are listed down at the bottom. But to understand why you should put them everywhere, read this: Every single one of your supporters… Read More

Show some donor appreciation!

Before I give you the secret and how it applies to your fundraising efforts, you should know that lots of people try to tell me how… Read More

How to calculate how much revenue you could have with a mid-level donor migration plan to inspire major gifts

Recently, my friends at Veritus Group (led by two industry icons— Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels) determined the following: – Organizations WITHOUT a mid-level giving program… Read More

Do you have a 'commendation mindset'?

Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” I recently saw that quote and it got me thinking that… Read More

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