Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?

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Here’s your chance to evaluate your organization’s internal and external readiness to conduct a capital campaign. Take a look at the infrastructure needed to run a successful campaign — board involvement, staffing, technology, and the case for support.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Your organization’s level of readiness for a campaign
  • The key outcomes of a planning/feasibility study — do you need one? what you should expect from the study, and what to do if the study says you are not ready for a campaign
  • The elements of a strong capital campaign foundation
  • The kinds of plans you need for a successful campaign
  • And more!

Grab a pen and a pad! You’re going to need it.

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About the Presenter:

Linda Lysakowski

Linda Lysakowski is one of slightly more than 100 professionals worldwide to hold the Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive designation. In her nearly twenty-five years as a philanthropic consultant, Linda has managed capital campaigns, helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations achieve their development goals, and trained more than 37,000 development professionals in Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Bermuda, and most of the fifty United States.

A graduate of Alvernia University and AFP’s Faculty Training Academy, she is a Master Teacher. Linda is the author of Recruiting and Training Fundraising Volunteers; The Development Plan; Fundraising as a Career: What, Are You Crazy?; Capital Campaigns: Everything You NEED to Know; Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign? workbook, Raise More Money from Your Business Community; Raise More Money from Your Business Community This Year workbook, Fundraising for the GENIUS 1st and 2nd editions, a contributing author to The Fundraising Feasibility Study—It’s Not About the Money and YOU and Your Nonprofit Board, co-editor of YOU and Your Nonprofit and The Nonprofit Consulting Handbook; and co-author of The Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Handbook , Nonprofit Strategic Planning, The New Donor, and The Leaky Bucket: What’s Wrong With Your Fundraising…And How You Can Fix It.

In addition to her consulting and training practice, Linda serves as Acquisitions Editor and Marketing Editor for CharityChannel Press and For the GENIUS Press.

You can check out her website here.

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