Product Updates: February 2021

There’s a new addition to the MarketSmart Dashboard thanks to your feedback. Watch the short tutorial below to get started. We’ve also got an important update regarding Zillow located at the bottom of this article. If you’re already in the Dashboard, be sure to refresh the page to see the changes.

Suggested Activities

Find it on the Overview page in the Pipeline area! Click on the lightbulb to view Suggested Activities and the chart to return to your Pipeline view. Your pipeline has expanded to fit the panel, but you can still access all of your pipelines via the VIEW PIPELINE drop-down. Once you know how to navigate between views, simply click Got it or x to exit the new feature pop-up. Your browser will remember this, so it won’t appear again unless you use another browser, machine, or clear your cache.

Let’s dive into the new feature!

The biggest request from the User Advisory Group last year was the need to gain insight on which supporters to contact next with tips on conversation starters. With hundreds or thousands of promising supporters, where do you start? Because of your MarketSmart Efforts and Cultivation emails, you have an abundance of great information provided by your supporters. Using these responses and qualification markers, we are introducing up to 5 new opportunities to connect with promising leads and help move these potential legacy and major donors through the consideration stages. If you are not yet asking some of these questions, have not done a QCD Effort, or are not offering planning guides and are interested in learning more, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Connect with supporters who have some level of interest in making a legacy gift, want to talk to a gift officer, are qualified or pending review and…

1. Indicated interest in donating through a Charitable Gift Annuity

2. Indicated interest in donating Assets

3. Indicated interest in donating from an IRA

4. Indicated interest in giving through a Donor-Advised Fund

5. Have not requested planning guides yet

Connect with supporters

Look for related tips on each finding to help guide your conversation. We suggest that you always build a foundation with your potential and existing donors to understand their WHY. What does your organization mean to them? How can you offer personalized value now and in the future to these individuals? Building that relationship is critical and will help you determine when to send relevant offers on HOW to give based on the donor’s needs. Sending HOW content too early in the consideration process can make them backpedal. Learn more about understanding your donors’ consideration process.

Tips Location

Let us know what you think

Please help us improve by filling out the survey at the end of your Suggested Activities. You can also rate a finding by clicking the happy or sad face in each Suggested Activity.


Due to recent changes at Zillow, MarketSmart is no longer able to access property estimate data for your prospects. This feature was located in the donor profile and has been removed. Because of low feature usage, there are currently no plans to replace it, but if this functionality is important to you please let us know!

Questions? Feedback?

Let us know what you think of these updates by commenting below or emailing We read every single response. You can also use the chat tool on the bottom right side of your Dashboard to have any additional questions answered by a real human! 🙋

YOU made this possible. If you want to have a say in the features we create in the Dashboard, join our User Advisory Group today.


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