Manually qualifying donors and Major Gift Opportunities

Manually qualifying supporters

Beyond lead scoring and gift consideration, we realize there is a lot of manual qualification that you and your team complete.

All user types (admin and standard) can now manually qualify supporters. By default, supporters will show as Pending Review, but can be updated to Qualified (thumbs up) or Unqualified (thumbs down). Changes you make will allow other dashboard users to see qualification status, as well.

If you want to see all your QualifiedUnqualified or leads Pending Review, simply use the Qualification filter.

Manual qualification

Major Gift Opportunities page

Similar to the Legacy Gifts page where we only show supporters who have included a legacy gift for your organization, there is now a page for Major Gift Opportunities, which shows supporters who have identified themselves as a major donor, likely to be a major donor, or somewhat likely to be a major donor.

As a reminder, there is a Gift Likelihood filter that you can use to filter by major gift consideration status. The major gift consideration is based on a supporter’s highest answer to any of the major gift questions you may have asked in an effort, including:

  • Speaking with a gift officer face-to-face
  • Giving through a donor advised fund
  • Giving assets
  • Giving through a family foundation
  • Giving property
  • Supporting a capital campaign
Major Gifts Page

Link to supporters in Google Maps

We get it! You’re busy planning donor visits. You can now link directly to a supporter’s home address in Google Maps to help you better plan your trips.

Major Gifts Page

New and improved Digital Body Language feed

We’re now showing you a more condensed version of a supporter’s Digital Body Language. Clicking on someone’s Donor 360 will show their drip email engagements and online click history. You’ll even see how long they visited a page!

Condensed digital body language

Don’t Forget!

Lastly, do not forget you can sign-up for email notifications here and make sure you are always up-to-date on your dashboard activity.

If you like what you see (or you don’t) let us know your thoughts! We are always looking for ways to improve! I welcome your feedback – please reach out to me directly.

All my best,

Elizabeth Weiland
Product Manager

November 5, 2018

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