The simplest way to acquire a new major donor— FAST

The simplest way to acquire a new major donor— FASTEveryone wants new major donors.
Most nonprofits spend a lot of time and money noodling their data to find them. Yet there’s a simple way to do it. In fact, the solution is right in front of your face at least once each quarter.
Ask your Board Members to introduce you to their like-minded friends!
In my last post, I set forth a simple plan to help you grow your Legacy Society with major planned gifts. The plan recommended you include a mini-survey in the pile of papers you set in front of each member at the table.
Now, in addition to popping the legacy intention question, I recommend you also ask each Board Member to write down one or several friend’s names. People they know with similar interests and passions.
Chances are that you’ll capture at least one (and probably several) terrific new prospects and their relationship with your Board Member will speed up the relationship-building process.

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