16 Simple Things Your Best Donors Want

Here’s my list of essential major donor needs that you must aim to fulfill:

  1. Your best donors want you to do the important work they can’t or won’t do.
  2. Your best donors want you to give them the credit and praise for your achievements. They want to be the hero in the story, not you.
  3. Your best donors want you to remind them how great they are frequently.
  4. Your best donors want you to take an interest in them and their story.
  5. Your best donors want service and respect when they reach out to you.
  6. Your best donors want empathy. Although you don’t know where they are coming from or where they’ve been, your best donors want you to put yourself in their shoes.
  7. Your best donors want you to tell them what you did with their money.
  8. Your best donors want you to be transparent about how you accomplished your objectives. Remember, they are employing you to do what they can’t or won’t do. They want to know how you do it.
  9. Your best donors want you to be fair, honest and trustworthy.
  10. Your best donors want opportunities to give you feedback with two-way communications.
  11. Your best donors want you to provide value to both them and the people (or objectives) their donations support.
  12. Your best donors want you to deliver real results, make an impact, or foster change.
  13. Your best donors want you to offer them opportunities to engage and immerse themselves in your mission so they can feel more involved. That will help them feel more like they are a big part of the solution.
  14. Your best donors want those engagement opportunities to be convenient for them.
  15. Your best donors want to be able to invite their friends and family to participate.
  16. Your best donors want you to make it easy!

What have you found your best donors want? Share your thoughts below!

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Hilda du Toit
5 years ago

I agree with all the above. Our donors are passionate about our cause and wish to see a positive difference being made. And I applaud them for that, because that is exactly what I want as well.

Nyero Andrew
2 years ago

That’s great. Transparency, accountability and fairness is very important. Even parents wants to identified with their children in case they succeed or becomes great in due time.
Thank for the information.

Mary Radford
2 years ago

I am printing and posting this on my wall. Thank you for the great reminders.


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