The Top 7 reasons why philanthropists quit Boards

  1. They were asked to join the Board only so the organization could use their name. Then they weren’t given anything to do.
  2. They had no real influence or decision-making power.
  3. They found others on the Board were too talkative, wasted time, and/or dominated the meetings.
  4. They were subjected to too many dog and pony shows from staff.
  5. They weren’t given enough opportunities to make serious strategic contributions
  6. They learned that they were only asked to join the Board for their money.
  7. They were not given clear direction or clarity about how much time was expected of them.


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2 responses to “The Top 7 reasons why philanthropists quit Boards”

  1. Gary Monnier says:

    Right on target and, unfortunately, too many of us (development folk) have seen these things happen far too frequently.

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