Top 10 Ways You Can Benefit from Conducting a Donor Survey

First, it’s important to recognize that there are two reasons to conduct a donor survey:
  1. To conduct research
  2. To raise money

Generally, you must pick one objective and, at MarketSmart, our Survey System is not a research tool but, rather, a money-raising System.

So, here are the 10 ways you can benefit from it or any other survey tool you might decide to employ:
  1. Raise money – If you want advice, ask for money. If you want money ask for advice. Surveys raise money.
  2. Identify prospects – Decide who your best donor prospects are based on what they say
  3. Generate qualified leads – Get major donor and legacy gift prospects to raise their hands showing interest in giving, volunteering or talking to you
  4. Qualify high-value donor prospects – Ensure that you spend your time wisely with high-capacity, passionate, motivated supporters
  5. Prioritize for outreach – Determine who requires attention most urgently
  6. Capture vital information you can’t buy elsewhere – Uncover demographic information you simply can’t buy while learning why each supporter cares, their life story, and their wants, needs, interests and desires so you can cultivate the relationship properly and have meaningful one-to-one conversations
  7. Understand your supporters – Learn why each supporter/donor cares and where they reside in the consideration process for giving so you focus on those who are ready
  8. Gain referrals – Inspire high-value, major gift supporters to refer you to like-minded friends and family members
  9. Clean up and add data to your list – When done right, 7% of survey respondents will update their contact information for you
  10. Deliver value – Surveying your supporters makes them feel valued and appreciated because it gives them a channel for communicating with you and your organization

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Social Fly
1 year ago

Great tips indeed. Thanks for sharing

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