What’s your fundraising asking style?

Thumbnail image -- What's your fundraising asking style? According to Brian Saber, “Your ‘Asking Style’ is based on your personality and unique set of strengths in fundraising.”
But, don’t be fooled by stereotypes. Interestingly, private companies have learned that the most successful salespeople are not the extroverts or the introverts. Rather, they are the ambiverts (those personalities that reflect a balance of extrovert and introvert features) that succeed most in sales.

Asking Matters takes this one step further and applies it to fundraising.

Now you can find your Asking Style for free and learn how you can use it to raise more money here. It’s a quick 3-minute online assessment.

According to the test, my Asking Style makes me a “MISSION CONTROLLER” with a secondary style of “RAINMAKER.”

Strengths include:

  • I do my homework and I’m always prepared
  • I’m a good listener
  • I quietly get the job done by following a clear step-by-step process

What’s your asking style?


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6 years ago

I’m a “Go Getter” and have to be very intentional regarding listening. Every philanthropist should discover their asking style. Greg, thanks for the reminder!

6 years ago

Good stuff Mike!

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