3 reasons to focus on major gifts (including major legacy gifts)

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Greg Warner is CEO and Founder of MarketSmart, a revolutionary marketing software and services firm that helps nonprofits raise more for less. In 2012 Greg coined the phrase “Engagement Fundraising” to encapsulate his breakthrough fundraising formula for achieving extraordinary results. Using their own innovative strategies and technologies, MarketSmart helps fundraisers around the world zero in on the donors most ready to support their organizations and institutions with major and legacy gifts.

3 reasons to focus on major gifts (including major legacy gifts)1. 3% of U.S. Households are responsible for 67% (2/3) of all household charity (This is according to the 2011 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy)
2. People earning $10 million or more each year gave the most non-cash donations totaling 1/3 of all non-cash donations (This is according to the 2011 IRS Statistics Income Bulletin)
3. Focusing on major gifts is cost-effective and efficient because of the significantly lower cost to acquire and cultivate them. Unlike populist fundraising, major gift marketing costs just pennies for every dollar it returns.
Is your organization budgeting enough to acquire and build relationships with major donors?  Or are most of your marketing dollars being thrown at acquisition efforts and events aiming for low-dollar donors?

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