Too many nonprofits fail to inspire people to give because they don’t understand value.
An exchange of money from supporters to nonprofits only occurs when a clear value proposition is presented helping them justify the expense.

People will pay to feel good.
It is essential that donors see that they will feel good as a result of their giving. The warm glow is among the most powerful of incentives.

Too many nonprofits fail to make supporters feel good.
Lots of nonprofits aren’t getting people to give (or give again) because the value proposition they present simply isn’t strong enough. People aren’t seeing that they can feel good as a result of their giving.

Nonprofits need to do something different.
Nonprofits need to think of themselves as value providers. Give enough value to people, especially major donors, and you’ll get more support. Start there. Increase the value. Make them feel good. Then, you will generate more donation dollars.

Are your offers worthwhile? Check out our donor offer value checklist!

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