Keep calling!

It took me 16 contacts over a 12-month period to get a visit scheduled with one couple.

They then went on to give over $100,000.

This isn’t that out of the ordinary.

I frequently encounter people who think that if they have contacted someone 2-4 times without a response, they should take them off the list.

Are you kidding me?

We’re not selling a $50 product; we’re trying to start relationships with people that could potentially give millions of dollars over the course of their lives.

It literally takes 60 seconds to call and leave a voicemail or send a text requesting a visit.

So, my 16 contacts took me 30 minutes over the course of a year if I was taking my time.

That is definitely time well spent.

According to the Brevet Group it takes an average of 8 attempts to reach a prospect, so if you’re giving up before 8 attempts, you’re not seeing the results you could.

It’s not that people don’t care – they are just BUSY.

Contact someone 16 times over the course of a year and let them know you’re different from everybody else that contacts them 3 times and moves on.

If there’s someone you took off your list after just a few attempts, call them again today!


Kevin Fitzpatrick is the owner of One Visit Away, a consulting business helping leaders of nonprofits schedule more and better visits with their benefactors.  Kevin’s goal is to help fundraising professionals constantly seek to deepen their relationships with their benefactors.  After all, you’re just One Visit Away from growing your mission and your impact.  


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