How to get great fundraising advice without reading an entire book

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Greg Warner is CEO and Founder of MarketSmart, a revolutionary marketing software and services firm that helps nonprofits raise more for less. In 2012 Greg coined the phrase “Engagement Fundraising” to encapsulate his breakthrough fundraising formula for achieving extraordinary results. Using their own innovative strategies and technologies, MarketSmart helps fundraisers around the world zero in on the donors most ready to support their organizations and institutions with major and legacy gifts.

Smartideas Blog Post: How to get great fundraising advice without reading an entire book - thumbnail imageI love to sit down and read about marketing and fundraising. I often find myself ordering books from Amazon because I like the titles and I truly want to read the books. But, unfortunately, I don’t have enough time.
Here’s a trick I learned that helps me get great fundraising advice without reading an entire book:
I go to Slideshare!
LinkedIn owns Slideshare. It’s a site that houses tons of slide presentations for free. Search for any topic and you’ll find great information that is (usually) easily digestible. They even provide transcripts. You can also ‘clip slides’ you gather research data from for future reference or to share later. Just be careful. The materials you see online ARE copyrighted. You can share them via social media, but you cannot download someone’s material and repost their content as your own. You can only upload the content of others if they have given you permission/attribution.
Here’s one of my eBooks titled Words That Work, The Phrases that Encourage Planned Giving (based on Dr. Russell James’ research). Try Slideshare today and see if it works for you!

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