Groupthink sucks (here’s how to avoid it)

Nonprofit fundraising groupthinkRemember Candid Camera?
In this old episode, they set out to prove how easy it is to get someone to conform.  

Unfortunately, today too many nonprofits, nonprofit conferences, nonprofit blogs, and nonprofit webinars act only as echo chambers forcing staff to bow to peer pressure.
Groupthink sucks! It suppresses innovation. Politicians prevail. And, trailblazers get exiled.
How can you avoid these negative outcomes? Here are five things you might want to try:

  1. Figure out which staff members are the power players… the influencers.
  2. Craft messages that you know will resonate with them (not you).
  3. Be enthusiastic about your idea but not exuberant or gleeful.
  4. Don’t get angry if they don’t “get it” at first by calling them stupid under your breath.
  5. Consider if, perhaps, you might simply be the wrong messenger since the messenger is just as important as your message. Remember, people like, agree with, and vote for people who are similar to them. So, you might want to concede that you are not the right messenger. Then go out and find a proxy.



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