Cast a wide net for planned gifts

Cast a wide net for planned gifts

From a marketer’s perspective (and based on my experience), I think fundraisers need to initially cast a wide net in order to secure more planned gifts. We don’t recommend targeting by age initially but, rather, we recommend building awareness for planned giving and generating leads.

Deliver messages about how a legacy gift can empower your donors to do more after their lifetime than they could during it.  Provide offers for free information just about everywhere.  Anyone can be a planned gift prospect.  Even non-donors.
Then cultivate the leads you generate with relevant, personalized messages based on interest… not age.  The interests may relate to their age.  But we don’t recommend targeting people just by age and making assumptions about them.  Instead, let the donor direct the marketing so it becomes a 2-way “conversation” that identifies needs and solves problems.  That’s donor-centricity at it’s finest.
That’s how private industry marketers sell just about anything with a large price tag.  And I know from experience that it works for raising large gifts too.


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