7 big reasons why capacity is so hard to uncover (how the rich hide their wealth)

Here’s how the ultra-rich make sure you can’t figure out how much money they really have:

  1. They figure out ways to evade taxes entirely
  2. They use offshore accounts and tax havens (although the government is clamping down on this)
  3. They put assets in other people’s names (usually with trusts for family members)
  4. They might even create shell companies and layer them to make it hard to follow the trail
  5. They never ever reveal how much they really make to anyone no matter what
  6. They spread assets around in small bits
  7. They live modestly


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[…] I find this offensive and I think your donors might too. And besides, wealth screening is rarely accurate since affluent supporters know how to hide their money. […]


[…] people are good at hiding their wealth, so you’ll miss them if you rely solely on the purchased […]

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