6 themes you need to recognize about your major donors in the digital era

1. Major and planned gift donors want to engage on multiple channels. Tweet this!
They want to involve themselves with and support your mission on more and more digital channels, including your website (desktop, mobile and tablet), email, text (SMS), social media). Are you with them?
2. Major and planned gift donors want convenience. Tweet this!
They want you to make it easy. They want you to be there for them 24/7/365. Are you making it convenient for them?
3. Major and planned gift donors want transparency. Tweet this!
They want to investigate you, your organization, and your impact at a time of their choosing— often online. They want to do their due diligence. Are you supplying them with the information they want and need to support their decision-making process?
4. Major and planned gift donors consider their options. Tweet this!
In other words, you have competition! Are you sensitive to that fact?
5. Major and planned gift donors want customer service. Tweet this!
They expect the same level of customer service they get from Ritz-Carlton. Are you providing it?
6. Major and planned gift donors want you to hear them. Tweet this!
Do you have a solid feedback loop? Are you listening?

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