35 amazing ways to engage and involve your donors and supporters

If you’re stuck wondering how to involve your supporters with your mission, look no further. Here are 35 ideas from a stream of my consciousness.

1. Surveys
2. Quizzes
3. Invitations to join a board or committee
4. Games
5. Polls
6. Videos
7. Advocacy or activism opportunities
8. Podcasts
9. Case studies / Testimonials
10. Online chat tools
11. Webinars
12. Streaming live events
13. Question and answer sessions
14. Tell your story opportunities
15. Infographics
16. Reports or eBooks
17. Workbooks
18. Blogs (make sure you have a spot for comments)
19. Sharing tools
20. Matching campaigns
21. Sponsorship opportunities (such as sponsoring a child)
22. Scholarships
23. Naming opportunities
24. Contests
25. Calculators
26. Group activities (such as building a playground)
27. Crowdfunding
28. Events (dinners, golf tournaments, 5k races, etc.)
29. Ask for advice or critiques
30. Maps (for example: cleanest rivers for fishing)
31. Tours or show-and-tell sessions
32. Presentations of scientific research findings
33. Mentoring opportunities
34. One-to-one interactions with beneficiaries of donations
35. And, of course, volunteering opportunities


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