Why you should join mastermind groups instead of attending conferences

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know that I don’t really like conferences that much. 
Sure, there are some good reasons to go to them. Mostly because they offer exceptional networking opportunities. So, if you are looking for a job or aiming to build your network, they’re terrific.
But if you want to learn how to improve in your role at your organization I think there’s a better, less expensive, more efficient way to go— with a mastermind group!
I’m not saying you should never go to conferences. Just think about this alternative.
Mastermind groups usually involve 2 to 5 participants with common interests meeting monthly. Together, these people help one another set goals, brainstorm, and work through challenges to achieve results with brutal honesty as a cornerstone for the groups success.
Here are 7 reasons to start such a group from Forbes.
Want to learn how to start one? Go here.
I’ve been part of anywhere from one to four at a time for over a decade and I believe these groups are now absolutely essential to my personal growth, achievement and success. I bet you’ll feel the same.
In the end, you’ll save a ton of money while building deep, meaningful relationships, achieving your goals and also expanding your network.


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