Why I Like This Ad

1. It’s simple and direct
2. It does not include any legal jargon
3. It does not remind the reader about death or the IRS
4. It emphasizes the fact that most living supporters want/desire to have a meaningful life and want to make the world a better place (NOTE: This is what resonates; this is what planned giving is really all about)
5. It includes a benefit for the supporter
5. It includes a call to action
6. It includes a convenient way to respond
7. It helps supporters realize that planned giving is an easy way to give!!!
City of Hope Planned Giving Ad

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betty johnson
betty johnson
8 years ago

Ditto! Like that ad a lot! simple, to the point, and instills action to make a difference – well done

Ronald Blaum
Ronald Blaum
8 years ago

Could not agree more. A wonderful, subtle approach.

Paul Deakins
Paul Deakins
8 years ago

Great approach. Reinforces the trend of taking the “technical” out of our language and adding simple calls to action.

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