The Problem with Too Many Planned Giving Leads

planned giving leadsIt’s a good problem to have. But I’ve heard people tell me they’d rather have less, more qualified leads (ready to make a legacy giving decision and take action).

I disagree because you never know which planned giving leads are qualified or not. Many or most that end up leaving a gift will never want to talk to you. So you need to generate lots of attention and interest (leads) and cultivate them forever with solid, donor-centric “drip” marketing.

  • Widen the funnel… more leads is better.
  • Cultivate them properly with valuable offers for information and engagement.
  • Track them to capture data about their interests.
  • Score their engagement levels.
  • Then reach out to meet with them when they are ready.
  • And if they don’t answer your calls to meet with them, cultivate them forever!

3 responses to “The Problem with Too Many Planned Giving Leads”

  1. No one who needs instant gratification becomes a gift planner…….

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