If you're asking yourself whether or not direct mail is dead, then you're asking the wrong question

There’s too much talk about whether or not direct mail is dead.

Of course it is NOT dead! I get direct mail delivered to me every day.

The question should, instead, be: Why is BAD direct mail still alive?

BAD direct mail should be killed, dead.

Good direct mail should be kept alive.

More questions: So what about your direct mail efforts? Are they good or bad?

Are they cost effective and efficient?
Are they targeting the right people at the right time?
Or, are they splattering a lot of “suspects”?
Are they environmentally friendly?
Are they highly personalized and relevant?
Are they timely?
Are they donor-centric?
Have they been tested and optimized?
Have you compared the results of your direct mail efforts with the results attained from other channels?
What do your donors think of them?
Have you sought their permission to send them direct mail?
Do they merely tolerate them?
Do you have any idea how many people got pissed off because of them (swearing they’d never give you a single penny ever again)?
Are you on your organization’s list? You should be! Then you’ll see what it feels like to get your direct mail.

These are the questions you should be asking. Not whether direct mail is dead or not.



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Chris Norman
Chris Norman
5 years ago

Spot on! What donors reject are the useless, poorly written and constructed appeals with no prior attention to their needs, concerns and issues. If our organizations communicate in such a self-centered, careless fashion, how can we expect our donors to respond at all?

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