How You Can Build Relationships With More Hi-Value Supporters at Lower Costs

Your job is tough!

If you’re like most fundraisers, you’re already working hard. You don’t have enough time, you’re pulled in too many directions, and you’re constantly swatting flies. Your board is probably breathing down your neck and your boss is probably on your back!

You care deeply about your organization and its cause, but you’re worn out. You know that closing major gifts, uncovering hidden legacy gifts, and migrating mid-level donors to become major donors require your attention. Applying effort there requires massive amounts of donor empathy combined with patience and persistence, but the beneficiaries of your mission, along with your leadership can’t wait. They want results now.

So, how can you win?

How can you give everyone what they want? How can you build meaningful relationships with lots of high-value donors and prospects while maintaining your sanity and getting home in time to be with your family and go to bed?

The answer is simple: leverage technology!

We are in the midst of the digital age manifested by the information and communication revolution. Digital devices are everywhere, including desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and so on. Mass media, which traditionally included radio, TV, print publications, and direct mail, now faces competition from direct communication methods including email, text messaging, social media messaging, webinar tools, video telephony (such as FaceTime or Skype), and so on.

What’s amazing about the digital age is the ease with which savvy marketers can leverage technologies to communicate effectively and efficiently with constituents. New technologies are being developed almost daily to help you get the right messages to the right people at the right times. The trick is to understand which technologies to use and how to use them to raise exponentially more money at lower costs.

Will you take some time to learn more and expand your horizons? Will you develop ways to build meaningful relationships with more supporters so you can raise more money?


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