How to Project Your Planned Gift Potential for Higher Education

How to Project Your Planned Gift Potential

How are higher eds projecting planned gift potential? What is the best way to present planned gift potential to leadership? Learn this, and MORE!

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We will cover:

  1. What data you need to calculate your planned gift potential
  2. How you can take that data and create a projection of future revenues
  3. The best way to present the projections to your board and leadership
  4. How you can measure against those projections moving forward to see if you’re on track
  5. Tried and tested ways you can advocate for more legacy giving budget

How much planned giving potential is in your university’s database? Justifying an investment in legacy giving programs can be tricky. It can take years to realize the benefits of your investments, however, the returns can be transformational for your organization.

Effectively projecting how much potential revenue exists in your database is crucial to build support for making these types of investments and getting support from leadership.

Join Jeff Giannotto, Senior Solutions Advisor at MarketSmart, as he explains (step-by-step) how you can project your university’s planned gift potential.

About the Presenter:

Jeff Giannotto

Jeff Giannotto
Senior Solutions Advisor at MarketSmart

Over the past 6 years, in his role as Senior Solutions Advisor at MarketSmart, Jeff has advised organizations of all sizes on Engagement Fundraising. Leveraging integrated technology and marketing, MarketSmart helps nonprofits generate, qualify, cultivate and prioritize potential donors. Over the years, Jeff has consulted with dozens of higher education institutions and private schools, such as The University of Arizona, San Jose State University, Central Michigan University, The Ohio State University, and more.

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