Has your organization put you in a position to succeed?

The private sector figured out a long time ago that a salesperson should never generate their own leads. A lead generator should never set-up appointments. And, a salesperson should never do that either.
Instead, private companies have learned that only a person who is suited for each of those roles should handle them— separately.
The same applies for fundraisers.
Nonprofits need to stop forcing fundraisers to take on multiple roles.
Ideally one person should be involved in lead generation for planned and/or major gifts. Another should set-up the appointments or telephone calls. And yet one more should engage directly with the major and planned gift donors.
But nonprofits don’t have enough money for more staff!
I know. It isn’t fair. Fundraisers are forced to become what I call “one-legged-ass-kickers.”
How on earth can you be effective if you have to take on multiple roles? Some of which are hardly in-line with your skills.
Now you can!
Thanks to new technologies, you can generate leads for major and planned gifts. And, you can even have those leads arrange their own meetings with you.
That way, you’ll ensure that you are spending your time doing what you do best— building relationships, trust, and closing big gifts.
Some have called these new technologies “human resource optimizers.”
Wouldn’t you want to learn how you can optimize yourself and your staff? If so, email me now at info@imarketsmart.

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