Finally revealed, a profile of the ideal major gift officer

Thanks to the Education Advisory Board, we now know what the ideal major gift officer looks like.
Their Advancement Forum sought to understand what makes a top major gift officer tick. So they surveyed over 1,200 major gift officers at 89 colleges and universities in the U.S.A and the United Kingdom.
According to their study, the ideal MGO is a “Curious Chameleon.” They possess:

  • Behavioral and linguistic flexibility
  • Intellectual and social curiosity
  • The skill to distill information
  • The ability to be strategic

Sadly, these very successful Curious Chameleons make up just 3.8% of the MGO population (yet they have a 78% higher chance of exceeding their goals).
Check out the article here and the PDF infographic here.
Curious Chameleon Fundraiser

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Kelley Tetzlaff
Kelley Tetzlaff
7 years ago

Greg, this is excellent material and very interesting. Actually expanded my thinking personally and will be very useful in the work that I do. Thanks for sharing!

7 years ago

My pleasure Kelley. Glad I could help.

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